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We Are Happy to be a part of LAWO family

Lawo is a new and free mobile application about fashion launched in China, in Chinese and in English! Its founder, Todd Okimoto offered IFA Paris to contribute and energize its contents!



Lawo is the new fashion app and bilingual social platform, in Chinese and in English

(on iOS and Android platforms), that was probably missing in China.

“Lawo is an easy-to-use mobile application with an intuitive design,

and has been designed to provide key info and value to designers, stylists, and everyday people”.

In search of original blog contents that for example give pieces of advice and help users to shop.

also to improve their dressing room and make-up style.

Todd Okimoto had the good idea to offer IFA Paris – the first French schoo in Shanghai.

‘”Todd contacted me after he viewed the blog that I had created and manage for students at IFA Paris”.

explains Veronika Lefrançois, lecturer at IFA Paris.

Their articles matched the idea he had in mind for the app, and he thought it would be a perfect collaboration for the two parties.

Their first articles appeared in Lawo in the spring of 2016.”

  • The most read articles

on Lawo written by IFA Paris journalist students offer helpful styling advice to readers ranging from hot new trends to makeup tricks.

“There have been so many since the launch,” adds Veronika Lefrançois, “such as ‘How to shop for your body shape’, ‘Ladies’ summer sneakers must-haves’, ‘How to be stylish on a budget’ or ‘Trendy bags you should get your hand on’.”

  • No e-commerce on Lawo:

the app sells only its pieces of advice and recommendations, via a system of credits, given by its network of top professionals and observers.

Since their debut with Lawo, some of the already graduated students of IFA Paris have continued their collaboration.

Jessica Manno, a former student at IFA Paris, has been contributing since the earliest days of Lawo.

Another IFA contributor is Ehryl O’Rourke, author of the article ‘Must-do upcoming events in Paris & Shanghai’

Todd Okimoto is also one of three co-founders of the China Fashion Group.

A group of online communities based in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Consisting of fashion professionals interacting and sharing fashion related experiences, industry connections, and knowledge with each other.

For more information on the program involved in this collaboration, please visit: MBA Global Fashion Media


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