About Us

About The Designer : 

Raya Ktiesh is a Syrian Fashion Designer, graduated from the French University of Fashion ESMOD, currently located in Damascus, Syria.

About The Brand : 

RAYA KTIESH is a lifestyle brand that exemplifies bold, progressive, often minimal with hints of oriental style.

Believing in a culture that provokes discovery and brave thinking,

Striving to make a positive impact on the world, representing the Syrian Artistic Heritage with modern fashion, inspired by the beautiful textiles and outstanding architecture.

We offer a distinct collection of timeless scents that emphasize authenticity, well-being and serenity. Combining Damascene inspiration with French taste, in each piece we focus on luxury, creativity, design and quality

The brand is totally customers-oriented, we listen to what others have to say, we embody authenticity and embrace individuality.

Our Clients appreciate art, handcrafted textile, luxurious garments and embrace simplicity in their everyday look.

Our Mission

Staying true to our culture and its art, maintaining the legacy of the land while successfully moving it into the future.

 “To be an Ultimate oriental Luxury,

defining style and creating desire,

now and forever.”


presenting the highest quality and craftsmanship. The connection is intimate and personal, like the touch of the hand.

making customers and brand loyalists feel a member of an exclusive community linked by shared values and ideals.

presenting new visions and new ideas,

being both timely, grounded in the here and now, and timeless, transcending time from the past to the future.

We Offer

Our Customers

Limited collections

Shop our extensive collection of Limited Editions. Buy online or send as a gift. Perfect for every day, all holidays and special occasions.

Custom made clothing

We deliver exclusive customer needs and requirements.


the most luxurious fabrics made of silk & precious metal threads made by hand, Timeless elegance, superb craftsmanship and uncompromising quality


Our Team Skills

High end finishings
Textile designing
3D printing techniques

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About Us
About Us
About Us

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