Raya’s Concept Manifesto

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Fashion shouldn’t cost lives and it shouldn’t cost our planet.

For me as a designer coming from a developing country I’ve seen labor intensive modern slavery, gender inequality and human right abuses on daily bases.

The poorest people mostly women are exploited to make fashion clothes they are being threatened with violence if they don’t complete an order in time and workers having their passports taken away until they work off what it cost for their transportation to bring them to the factory, their living quarters and food.







To always provide a healthy and safe work environment.

  • To provide fair wages
  • To do no harm not humans, animals nor the environment
  • And to deal only with suppliers, brands, companies that shares the same values and principles as I do.


  • Enforce labour laws
  • Ensure workers to form unions worldwide and to provide a link for them with international labour organization
  • Encourage designers, people to demand a transparent dialogue with all supply chain partners on sourcing and all production process


For me it’s a bit of a lofty aim but i want fashion to go back to it’s a glamour era all artsy, where a piece of garments used to be full of love, beauty and art, a masterpiece.

To get that feeling back we need to start from the lives of the makers such a feeling can’t come from people’s suffering and agony.

We will have to provide healthier working condition, fair wages and the basics of human rights.


As a person I am committed to think before I buy anything at all times.

As a designer and as a person in charge (sometimes) I will always ask who made my textile? who steam stressed my design? who packed it? who delivered it? and how do they live!!

And I am committed to only deal with ethical and transparent suppliers.

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