Winter Essentials: The Leather Jacket,

leather jacket

Find your perfect leather jacket “With Good Basics you’ll have endless options ” Not only this it’s a way to a more sustainable life. Wardrobe essentials also calm the ( I need new clothes I have nothing to wear ) drama, plus it saves you plenty of money throughout the year. A leather jacket is […]


Damascene Brocade

The Dimashqi brocade is the most famous and finest of fabrics and textile in the world, it is made of gold thread, silver and silk. Damascus is marked by brocade since ancient times and has a professional and industry specialists that brocade became connected with Damascus. Brocade industry is an accurate and exhausting process that […]

Raya’s Concept Manifesto

Fact: Fashion shouldn’t cost lives and it shouldn’t cost our planet. For me as a designer coming from a developing country I’ve seen labor intensive modern slavery, gender inequality and human right abuses on daily bases. The poorest people mostly women are exploited to make fashion clothes they are being threatened with violence if they […]

Who Made My Fabric

Fashion shouldn’t cost lives, and it shouldn’t cost our planet!As a designer I am in power to ask who made my textiles? who delivered my accessories? who packed it?As a person I need to ask who made my clothes ?! are they paying paid enough? or are they being paid at all? what are the […]

Costume Design x Fashion Design

Whenever I get asked what I do for living? My answer is I am a Costume Designer for Films and Tv Production and am also a fashion designer…People tend to get a bit confused and they can’t spot the differences! But so did I when I first started my Career I got my First film […]

تصميم الملابس أو تصميم الازياء

في أي وقت يتم سؤالي ما هي وظيفتي و ماذا افعل ؟ جوابي هو أنني مصممة ملابس للأفلام والانتاجات التلفزيونية وأني أيضًا مصممة أزياء … يميل الناس إلى الخلط قليلاً ولا يمكنهم تحديد الاختلافات! حتى انا لم اكن اعرف الفرق حين بدأت مسيرتي المهنية حصلت على أول فيلم لي في عام 2012 كمصممة ملابس ، […]